Rapid Inventory system update scheduled! 07/18/20 8:00 PM to 07/19/20 1:00 PM EST

There is a scheduled system update from Saturday (07/18/20) 8:00 PM EST until Sunday(07/19/20) 1:00 PM EST.

CPI has big plans to further Rapid Inventory evolution and want to start with the technical update.
Next weekend CPI will migrating system to an entirely new and more powerful hardware platform.
CPI wants to provide you a better service including improved performance, quick updates, and uptime close to 100%.
Rapid Inventory will be faster and more stable.

The system will be unavailable for you to use during this time. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience – we’ll get the work done as quickly as we can. Please make sure that if you have any questions you will open a support ticket.

CPI also made some fixes of UI including changes in the logo and copyrights to reflect the new ownership.
Please be advised that CPI extended our support hours so that it would be more convenient for our customers. The actual support time is 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Thank you,
Support Team


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