PO or SO Fails to Close/Generate Invoice or Receipt

There has been a known little "bug" that prevents some orders from closing properly after a sync, leaving you without a receipt or invoice in QuickBooks. This is caused by something in Web Connector (an Intuit Product) changing when relaying information back and forth. The trick we use is below. 

NOTE: Usually when this happens, an error does NOT get generated. To verify if you have errors, go to Settings > View Errors > View Bill or Invoice tab. If you do see an error here associated with the order in question, go ahead and clear it. The order should sync now without doing the steps below. If it does not, please proceed.  

1. Open the order in QuickBooks

2. Add just a period to the end of the one item descriptions on the order

3. Save the change

4. After the next sync, the order should close in Rapid Inventory and you should have the reciept/invoice in QuickBooks. 


If this fails, please open a Help Desk Ticket.


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